Hayli Alyce is a Designer who currently resides in Savannah, Ga, where she is attending Grad school at Savannah College of art and design. She is a warm friendly person who’s only goal in life is to help others. That is why she is attending Grad School. She loves to find new creative ways to speak to others. Being a designer is all about empathy. Being able to understand a person or demographic, breaking it all down, and communicating in a way that your audience will understand.

Hayli received her BFA in May of 2009. She enjoyed all of the arts while in her undergrad, and realized then the many things that apply to Graphic Design. She loves that Graphic design can be applied to everything, and everything can be applied to Graphic Design.

Shortly after she Graduated, she married her long time College Sweetheart, and they moved to Nashville, TN.

While in Nashville, she started a job at a small firm that specialized in web design. This is where she picked up the craft of Web Design. She worked there for 2 years, and realized she wanted something more, and that her future would benefit from Graduate School. So, her and her Husband, Dog and Cat, packed up and moved down to Savannah, Ga. She is currently expanding her knowledge and craft, and always experimenting with new designs. She is very excited about her future and the opportunities that she has been provided with at SCAD.